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We know your business means everything to you. It’s also what is most important to us. As an owner of a growing business, you face tough challenges every day. Make sure your business is adequately protected today and tomorrow with a robust and affordable business owners policy.


It’s no surprise that as a fellow business owner, you also view the insurance purchasing experience as a combination of purchasing coverage that provides complete protection and no gaps with a price that you can afford. As  Business Protection Strategists, Professional Liability Insurance Group can help guide you so that you purchase the right amount of coverage for your unique business needs.


“You’ve always been very open and honest in the approach of dealing with our policies and the issues that have gone on with our group. You’ve given us great resources and provided us with contacts as benchmarks. You’ve always been resourceful in seeking out different companies and options for us, bringing savings to our physicians. You provide us with quality companies that represent us. I would recommend people contact you and see if you’re getting what you really believe you are getting from your broker now.”

– Karen DiPietro, Practice Manager


There are two critical insurance protections every business should have: business property and business liability.  These are the key elements of a Business Owner’s Policy, or BOP, and can protect your business against fire, theft, lawsuits and more.


Did you know?


  •     Income loss is the primary reason most businesses do not open after a serious loss
  •     55% of small businesses report not having business income insurance 1
  •     A BOP can provide income for ongoing expenses while your business recovers
  •     $3,000 a day is the median cost of downtime from a business affected by an extreme weather event 2


Data Breach


  •     1 out of every 3 data breaches investigated in 2012 were from small businesses (under 100 employees) and the top industries affected included Retail, Food Service, Finance, and Professional 3
  •     $188 per breached record was the U.S. average cost of a data breach in 2012. 4
  •     The loss of 100,000 records should cost roughly $475,000 on average. 5
  •     Downtime also causes customers to leave with 54 percent of Small-Medium size Business customer respondents reporting they have switched … due to unreliable computing systems. 2
  •     A good data breach policy coverage includes access to resources to help prevent data breaches and specialized assistance to help should one occur.


Like your business, Professional Liability Insurance Group is also a business and our team understands the importance of developing a plan for continued financial security. Your local Professional Liability Insurance Group agent, or as we consider ourselves “Business Protection Strategists“, can work with you to determine the appropriate design of insurance products and provide business insurance quotes tailored to your business.





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2  Symantec’s 2011 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey
3  Percentage is approximate based on the Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report
4  2013 Cost of a Data Breach Study, United States, Ponemon Institute LLC, Report Date: May 2012
RPT-User mistakes aid most cyber attacks, Verizon and Symantec studies show; http://www.philly.com/philly/business/20150414_Reuters_L2N0XB05M_RPT_User_mistakes_aid_most_cyber_attacks__Verizon_and_Symantec_studies_show.html#dTwe4G8pTYAjz7Lj.99


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Linda Clark, Office Manager
"Why I Believe" in PLIG...
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Dr. Colin Campbell
"Why I Believe" in PLIG...
“I worked with Shayne over about a two year period. He is diligent and conscientious and makes a great effort to make interactions easy and productive. He is always pleasant and personable. He led a team on which I worked and his leadership of the team made all of our lives much easier.”
Dr. Jonathan Cargan, Phoenix Ascendant Consulting, LLC
"Why I Believe" in PLIG...
"PLIG provided unbiased information that's first and foremost best for this company. Shayne Bevilacqua and Maria are to be commended for their outstanding attention, professionalism, and ethical business behavior.”
Teresa Brown, Practice Manager
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