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Group Health: Protection for you and your Employees

As a busy business owner, your employees trust in you for your leadership every day. In fact, the direction and guidance of you and your management are why employees work for you.  They also trust that you’ll make the best decision for them when it comes to selecting their health coverage options.  Are you looking to ensure that their health care coverage is the best you can offer without breaking your piggy bank?


Are you paying too much for your group health insurance right now? You might be.


If so, is this the time to be overpaying for anything? What if you could offer your employees the same or better health coverage for less money?


What if you didn’t offer health insurance to your employees at all? What are the penalties or consequences?  What are the laws that determine whether or not you have to provide it?  If you chose not to offer health insurance, as an employer, where would that put you versus your competition?


Even if you paid your best employee the same or more than your competition, but the competitor offered health insurance and you did not, would your employee leave you soon? Maybe? Probably? If not right away, he or she may be seriously looking elsewhere while they are working for you, which would be very disruptive for your business to say the least. As you know, many good workers take jobs just for the health insurance alone.


So, you DO want to offer health insurance to your employees?  Can you afford not to be more competitive?  Okay.  That’s good news.


However, not all plans are created equal – and neither are the insurance carrier networks!  Plans are constantly being tweaked and morphed and changed year after year.


That’s why you need an independent Professional Protection Strategist to help you sift through the cluttered details – you need the Pros at Professional Liability Insurance Group!


Worried about the costs?  Professional Liability insurance can provide you with better health plan options than you might think for less money than you’d expect.  As long as there’s still a free market competition (to some degree), there is going to remain those health insurance carriers that offer more encompassing plans and networks than others.  That’s where our knowledge and experience can help cover your employees and you for less money.


Not all businesses are created equal; As a business owner you know this all too well.  A health plan with benefits that accurately and specifically meet your needs is the perfect solution to protecting your employees’ health, keeping them happy and removing all your worry for when, not if, that next health claim presents itself.


"Why I Believe" in PLIG...
"Always helpful, easy to reach, questions answered professionally & in a timely manner.”
Linda Clark, Office Manager
"Why I Believe" in PLIG...
"I can confidently recommend Shayne Bevilacqua and PLIG….I... find them to be thorough, professional and responsive to my needs.... Shayne takes the time to frequently review my coverage with me personally…”
Thank you Shayne!
Gregg Bannett, D.O.
"Why I Believe" in PLIG...
"PLIG provided unbiased information that's first and foremost best for this company. Shayne Bevilacqua and Maria are to be commended for their outstanding attention, professionalism, and ethical business behavior.”
Thank you Shayne!
Teresa Brown, Practice Manager
"Why I Believe" in PLIG...
"I think more than anything else, you're straight forward and honest. That's what struck me about you. I believe and trust everything you say.”
Fazlollah Golestaneh, MD
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