Independent Quotes
With our unique Strategic Business Protection product, we will work for you - not the insurance companies! Being independent allows us to compare dozens of policies from many different companies to get you the best coverage at the best prices. You are presented a broad range of options to choose from and given professional advice to choose wisely. It's what we do every day.
Your savings are just one of our key goals. Saving clients up to 60% on their existing policies is our claim to fame. And we don’t stop after we’ve gotten your business. EVERY YEAR we reevaluate your policy and current business situation to see if there are ways to save even more money. We care about your bottom line!
We know our clients by name and continue to be there through years. Not just to make sure you are properly covered, but also to help you when it’s time to make a claim. We’re a small business just like you & we understand what it means to NOT be treated like a number.
Your Business Specialists
Just like you wouldn't call a plumber when you need a carpenter, you should never call a big “warehouse" agency when you need a specialist. Our team has years of experience servicing the specific needs of our specialized professional and business owner clients. We know how to best protect you so that you can focus on your profession, and not worry about insurance policies
- that’s our job!
"Why I Believe" in PLIG
"Always helpful, easy to reach, questions answered professionally & in a timely manner.”
Linda Clark, Office Manager
"Why I Believe" in PLIG
"Obtaining and maintaining malpractice insurance can be quite challenging. However, Shayne and the staff of PLIG are the definite anesthesia in this painful process.
Thank you Shayne!"
Dr. Colin Campbell
"Why I Believe" in PLIG
“Excellent Service. Shayne & Maria always provide
timely and helpful advice. They take the worry out of
our insurance needs.”
Carol Tomasello, Office Manager
"Why I Believe" in PLIG
“I worked with Shayne over about a two year period. He is diligent and conscientious and makes a great effort to make interactions easy and productive. He is always pleasant and personable. He led a team on which I worked and his leadership of the team made all of our lives much easier.”
Dr. Jonathan Cargan, CEO, Phoenix
Why choose us?
We work with business owners

Offering our truly unique Strategic Business Protection product, we focus on true partnership with professional business owners. You are our business partner and you should expect the industry’s best independent advice in choosing protection that’s right for your company. Whether your business is small or large, we know that every dollar makes a difference on the bottom line.

Our recommendations are 100% unbiased

We answer to our clients, not the insurance companies.  We do our homework before making any recommendations. This allows us to give you an honest and unbiased opinion on the best policy for your business. We never offer incentives to sell one policy versus another.

We seek out and find the lowest possible prices

We shop around for the best coverage and the best prices year after year.  We review every policy every year! We work with you to keep apprised of your current business situation and the impact of past claims so that we are sure to take advantage of any cost savings available to you.

We are experts in our field

You’re there for your clients or patients. We’re here for you.  As a professional, you know that experience and knowledge are what separates the average from the exemplary. We expect to exceed your expectations each and every day with our knowledge and expertise.

Our independence
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the best coverage for the best price.