Billing Questions

If you have a billing or invoice question, we're here to help. Need a response now? Call or Text us at 1 (877) PLIG-4123
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Policy Changes and Updates

Has something changed in your business, and you need to update one of your policies? 

Stay protected and current with your policy.
We may be able to save you money! 

  • Is your Worker's Compensation policy accurately reflecting your payroll, or are you overpaying? 
  • Do you have a new partner, or maybe a partner that recently left? What do you need to do to  protect your firm or practice? 
  • Are you still paying for an ex-employee's health insurance because you forgot to remove them  from the plan? 
  • Are you working fewer hours but didn't think to ask how that may affect your Professional Liability policy.
  • Are you paying more than you should for your General Liability policy?

Complete the form below, and we'll take care of you within 1 business day, if not sooner. 

Check out our Real Life Situations on how staff changes may affect your insurance needs. 

Please know that we cannot apply the requested changes, amend, or bind your coverage based solely on a request. All changes must be confirmed by the insurance carrier. We will respond as soon as possible, usually the same business day.

Can't wait? Call or Text us now at 1 (877) PLIG-4123 That's 1 (877) 754-4123 It's that easy!

Confidential Account Review

We would be happy to confidentially review your account with you so we can help you sleep better knowing you are covered properly and with no gaps!

Call or Text us now at 1 (877) PLIG-4123 or complete the form below.That's 1 (877) 754-4123

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Claims will happen. It's just a matter of when. That's why you have insurance, to protect you when something bad happens. We'll guide you on every step along the way.

Do You Need to Make a Claim?

As your independent agent, we'll do our best to make your claim experience a smooth one.

If you have a claim, we will be happy to speak with you. Call us at 877-PLIG-123 to answer your questions, direct you to the right people, and help you through the process. We will also follow up with you to ask about your experience and make sure you were treated well.

If you need some help along the way or want to share your positive experience with us, just let us know! We're always here for you. 

What you should do when any of the above occurs, or you have any questions regarding a claim:

As always, please call or text us at 1 (877) PLIG-4123 so that we may best guide you through your decision and this process. 

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