Strategic Business Partners

Professional Liability Insurance Group (PLIG) is the single source for today's professionals who are Business Owners.

We specialize in providing every type of insurance that you and your business needs to survive when a claim hits.

PLIG is more than simply an insurance agency providing quality insurance carriers. We help your business protect itself with demonstrated professional expertise, sound risk management guidance, and first-rate legal representation with proven claims defense.

Protecting the assets and reputations of business professionals and business owners since 1997, Professional Liability Insurance Group has made a name as the personalized and customized partner to organizations, big or small, with a personalized touch.

Our unique and individualized approach has raised the bar as an industry best. Whether you are a solo professional or a small-to-mid-sized company with hundreds of employees, we will create a tailored approach to protecting your business, your staff, and the owners. We work tirelessly to analyze your protection and close every gap, while also sharpening our pencil to bring savings to your bottom line.

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About the Owner

Shayne Bevilacqua is the Principal and Owner of The Professional Liability Insurance Group (a.k.a., PLIG). He purchased the business in 2007, after it was founded in 1997 to cater to physician clients during the Medical Malpractice insurance crisis. Recognizing the importance of diversification, Bevilacqua expanded the agency's services to include other professionals such as lawyers, accountants, architects, and engineers. Over the years, the agency has secured access to a wide range of A-rated insurance carriers, allowing them to offer comprehensive insurance policies for businesses of all types.

Bevilacqua's background is diverse, with experience in the healthcare industry, scientific research, and marketing. Prior to becoming a business owner, he spent over 20 years in the healthcare industry, including roles in orthopedics, research science, sales training, and marketing. This experience has allowed him to leverage his healthcare and corporate business knowledge to grow and diversify the agency.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Bevilacqua is actively involved in his community. He continues to serve as a major supporter and Board Member of two local non-profit organizations, including the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Cumberland & Salem Counties, and the Cumberland Atlantic YMCA in Vineland. He is also a member of PLUS (The Professional Liability Underwriting Society).

Bevilacqua holds an undergraduate degree in Business from St. Joseph's University and a Master's in Business Administration from Rowan University. Originally from West Philadelphia, he currently resides in New Jersey with his wife, Katherine, and their children. In his free time, Bevilacqua enjoys staying active through activities such as participating in OCR (Obstacle Course Races) with his wife and traveling with his family.

The Professional Liability Insurance Group, under Bevilacqua's leadership, has grown from its roots in New Jersey to serve clients in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Arizona as well. Bevilacqua is personally licensed in 10 states across the US. In 2024 Bevilacqua expanded his scope by creating Bevilacqua Insurance Group (a.k.a., BIG), as the needs of clients required access to insurance carriers and markets with a more diverse appetite to suit their unique business needs. As independent brokerages, both PLIG and BIG working together are able to provide clients with the very best possible policy options and strategies to ensure its clients are fully protected for the lowest possible price. Both agencies offer a wide range of insurance policies including Professional Liability, Commercial Liability, Workers Compensation, Business Owners, Group Health, Employment Practices, Data Security (Cyber), Billing E&O for physician practices and healthcare facilities, Business Overhead protection, Group Life, Group Disability and Bonds.

The success of this family of agencies with Professional Liability Insurance Group and Bevilacqua Insurance Group is attributed to the trust and partnership they have with their clients. Bevilacqua expresses his gratitude to each and every client for their long-term relationships and for their support during the world financial crisis in 2008. The agency celebrates decades of service to their clients and looks forward to continuing to serve and protect businesses in the years to come.

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