South Jersey Radiology Associates (SJRA) and Larchmont Medical Imaging (Larchmont) are no longer in Horizon BCBSNJ’s Network


Announcement from Horizon BCBSNJ to insurance agents:

South Jersey Radiology Associates (SJRA) and Larchmont Medical Imaging (Larchmont) facilities have decided to end their agreement to participate in Horizon’s provider networks effective April 1, 2024. While we regret their decision, Horizon is ready to help your client’s covered employees connect with another in-network provider and assist them in obtaining the radiology services they need.

Horizon was working with SJRA and Larchmont to negotiate a new network agreement. Unfortunately, SJRA and Larchmont demanded that Horizon’s members agree to pay prices that are unreasonable and unfair. They refuse to accept our offer, which would still make SJRA and Larchmont among the highest paid radiology practices while bringing their prices closer to the regional average. Impacted members will receive a letter shortly informing them of this change. Here are the facts about SJRA and Larchmont:

• These practices are owned by US Radiology, a Wall Street investor-owned, for-profit corporate medical business that owns 180 outpatient imaging centers across 15 states.

• US Radiology pulled their doctors and facilities out of Horizon’s networks because we would not meet their demand for a 32% price increase for their services.

• The rates paid to these doctors and facilities by Horizon and our members are already the highest in Burlington County and in South Jersey.

• This price increase will raise the cost of health care for members by more than $10.7 million a year.

We know that it’s not fair for your clients and their covered employees to pay more for health care when providers are unwilling to negotiate a fair and reasonable price for their services. Horizon is committed to doing our part to control the cost of health care. Unreasonable price increases unfairly raise out-of-pocket costs and insurance premiums.

We are ready to help We can help your clients and their covered employees find quality, in-network radiology services. They can see a list of options near SJRA and Larchmont locations at If your clients’ covered employees need help, they can call us at the number on the back of their member ID card.

We apologize for any disruption or stress this may cause. We are absolutely committed to providing our members with access to quality, affordable care and protecting them from unreasonable demands that will needlessly raise the cost of care.