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Your Internet Can Make Or Break Your Business
By Shayne Bevilacqua, MBA | 06-19-2017

Remote working is the future it seems. According to surveys, business leaders believe that three-quarters of employees won’t work in a traditional office by 2020. This could mean they work from home or they operate on the go.

In addition, more cloud-based applications are being used in businesses to help manage them than ever before. Therefore, the speed of your internet, whether in or out of the office is vital for business success.

Customer Service Issues

One of the biggest problems is dealing with customer issues. If you rely on a cloud system, then the speed of your internet directly impacts how quickly you can bring up customer records when they call. The slower it is, the longer it will take to deal with the customer, and they may get annoyed.

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of running a business and customers don’t like long waits or response times. If you can satisfy customers with your customer service then you can expect a 70% return rate, otherwise, that business is lost.

Lower Productivity Levels

Another issue with slow internet is that your productivity is lessened as you and your staff must wait for your applications to catch up with your request. Even a small loss of speed can result in a significant loss of production and revenue over time.

Security Issues

A slow internet connection can be risky for your business as it is easier to hack. This is because there is more time for cyber criminals to intercept important information. A security breach for your business could be costly in terms of fixing and paying compensation to customers or clients if their details are stolen.

The only way to really protect yourself from the latter of these issues is to ensure you have the right insurance.


A good internet speed is necessary for your business. It helps you deliver good customer experiences and improves your own output. Also, there’s less opportunity for hackers to intercept important information that can place your business at risk.

What is the speed of your internet connection? Could it improve?

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