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Why Business Owner Professionals Should Be Paying More Attention To Mobile Users
By Shayne Bevilacqua, MBA | 11-13-2015

Here’s a startling fact: In 2009 only 29% of American adults used Internet access on their mobile devices. Today? Ninety-one percent of adults use the Internet on their phone. As you can see, there has been a huge shift in the way consumers are using technology. This is why now is the time to shift your focus towards mobile users and how you as a business owner professional can engage your customers in new and exciting ways. Here are a few ways you can start…

Mobile Devices are Optimized For Local Searches

Ed Parsons over at Google has stated before that mobile searches have localized intent. What that means is, that when you search for a business or location on your phone, your mobile device automatically searches for the closet areas that fit your description. How can you take advantage of this? Make sure you have a Google+ business page set up so that Google recognizes your location whenever someone searches for a product that you represent.

Mobile Leads To Action

In 2013, a study by Nielson and Google turned up that 73% of mobile searches triggered additional actions. These additional actions include things like phone calls, e-mail follow-ups, research into your business, visiting your location and more! In addition, research shows that these additional actions happen within five hours of engagement. That means that you have five hours to draw your client or patient in with calls to action such as a “click-to-call” feature, or even enticing potential clients with mobile ads that feature testimonials. According to another Nielson study, 65% of mobile users noticed ads. Whatever it is, make sure your potential client or patient has a practical way to follow up on their interest in your business or practice.

Embrace Your Mobile Site

Studies show that 45% of mobile searches are goal-oriented, which means that users are searching for something specific—they know what they want. If your website is hard to read on a mobile device, chances are that the user will never return to the experience again. This means that it is imperative to optimize your site for mobile viewing. You want visitors to have a great mobile experience, one indicative of the experience they will have in your office.

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