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Three Things You Can Learn From The Most Profitable Law Firms
By Shayne Bevilacqua, MBA | 08-17-2017

If you want to run a successful business there are many lessons you can learn from the most profitable law firms. It doesn’t matter if you are going to manage a law firm or another business, the way they operate can provide lessons to any industry.

Here are three things that you can learn from law firms to improve your business and be more successful.

  1. Good Marketing

The law industry is very competitive, which is why law firms must market their business to attract new clients. How you market your business will determine what type of client you will attract.

There are numerous channels to promote your business including, television, magazines, event sponsorship, networking and digital marketing.

Make a good choice based on where your ideal clients are likely to be.

  1. Hire The Best People

One of the ways that the best law firms succeed is through their hiring strategy. They don’t just hire someone who can do the job; they take time to ensure that their hire fits in the culture of the organization and has the same values.

This sometimes means that they will remove people from their business who don’t succeed in their roles; but generally, those hired are already high achievers with lots to offer the organization.

They also reward staff for continued service and good work. Many new hires can work their way up to partner level and others receive performance related bonuses.

  1. Mitigate Risks

Another tactic for top performing law firms is that they will mitigate risks. They won’t take on work that is likely to damage their reputation or where a client cannot pay for their services.

Considering that legal work can cost hundreds of dollars per hour, law firms are very careful on what they offer and what work they undertake.


Law firms are successful because their leadership knows how to be profitable. If you are looking to be successful, you should review how you run your business and apply their careful tactics to your business.

What criteria do you use to hire? How do you market your business? Do you mitigate the risks?

Are these comparable to how successful law firms complete these tasks?

Let us know in the comments below.