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The 3 Social Media Tools That Will Accelerate Your Online Growth
By Shayne Bevilacqua | 10-08-2014

Social media is one of the internet’s most powerful tools; it can help you promote your business, create brand awareness, and converse with consumers, along with a whole host of other functions that can take your office and spread its footprint on a global scale. As more and more social media platforms spring up in the digital ether, it’s becoming commonplace for those who use the power of Facebook and Twitter to use a social media manager app or tool that can consolidate, and/or optimize and fortify your efforts in the social space.


Here are three social media tools that will ensure that your time or message is not lost in the digital whirlwind.




There are several ways to look for great content to share on your favorite social media platforms. You can create a Feedly account, and load it up with the news feeds that pertain to the kind of info you like sharing. You can create Google news alerts, sharing breaking stories anytime you’re notified of one. Another way to use Google, is to simply conduct a Google news search, adjusting parameters like time and subject matter to hone in on your preferred topic. These are all viable options, but one of the best tools to find and share content — quickly — is Klout.


Much more than just a tool for finding great content, Klout also syncs up to all your social media profiles, and with the click of a button, you can schedule and share stories, articles, blogs, videos and more with their real-time stream of recommendations. Even more amazing, is Klout’s ability to measure your daily social media influence by providing you with a cumulative Klout score comprised of all your social media profiles. Stop wasting time by doing manual searches for news items, and allow Klout to become one of your go-to hubs for content recommendations.




If you like the idea of controlling all of your social media profiles from one hub, then Hootsuite is the big daddy of social media managers. Hootsuite is one powerful app; it has the capability of providing real-time statistics for all of your accounts, but perhaps one of its greatest features is the ability to create customized feeds and searches. Hootsuite allows you to create an unlimited amount of feeds in the interface, so you can analyze and monitor keywords, terms, friends’ feeds, and more, all at the same time. The process of monitoring a large amount of feeds to keep the proverbial “ear to the streets”, is also called “social listening”, and perhaps no other social media hub is better at this than Hootsuite.


Rival IQ


When it comes to SEO and content management, a good rule of thumb is to always keep an eye on your competition, especially those in your field that are successful. Why? First, you’ll get an idea of what is working with your intended audience when it comes to content choices. You’ll become accustomed to trends, demographics and timeframes that will help you understand what and when to post on your social media hubs. Second, by studying your business arch-enemies, you’ll find out what you can provide that your competitor can not.


Rival IQ will help you with both of these areas, by providing you with metrics that give you insight into your competition as well as your industry. You can start off with a two-week trial to see if the app works well for you before opening your wallet or purse for the full version.


If there are any other apps or social media managers that you think are essential to internet marketing success, please tell us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter. Good luck in building your audience and making use of these fantastic apps that will surely put you a step ahead in your quest for success!