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How To Get Liability Insurance Before You Take Over The Building
By Shayne Bevilacqua, MBA | 08-29-2017

When you occupy a building, you are liable for any incidents that may occur in the building. So, if someone falls because there’s loose flooring, you could have a claim made against you. Without the proper insurance in place, this can significantly affect your financial forecast, or put your business in danger.

Liability insurance does protect you. It will cover the compensation and legal costs that may result from such a claim.

However, you can’t wait until you’ve moved into the building before taking the insurance out. What if someone injures themselves in your new building moments after the contracts are exchanged?

If you’ve only just moved in and had no time to make necessary repairs, even if you’ve planned them, you’re technically at fault.

Getting Insurance Before You Move In

You need to protect yourself and your business’ finances. Therefore, you need to buy liability insurance to ensure you are covered before anyone steps foot in the premises once you are responsible.

This isn’t as difficult as it seems. The best person to speak to is your insurance broker. They will be able to advise what insurance is necessary for the move and when to start the insurance. This might be the day before you take over or slightly longer, depending on the specific circumstances.

Remember that you might also need to get insurance if the building is undergoing construction or any other maintenance work before you move in. There are 79,000 construction related work accidents every year.

So be sure that you are protecting yourself should one of your construction team injure themselves. If you are having work done on the building, buy your liability insurance before the work commences.


Liability insurance is important for your business. It protects your business from claims when there are accidents on your new premises so make sure you have this arranged as soon as you are responsible for the place.

When do you buy liability insurance? Have you had a claim made against you before your liability insurance came into effect?

Let us know in the comments below.