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6 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Contractors Over Employees
By Shayne Bevilacqua | 10-03-2016

There is always a debate over whether organizations should hire contractors or employees. Both
have advantages; however, when considering certain aspects, the benefits of hiring contractors can
sometimes seem more worthwhile.
Here are six reasons why a contractor might be a better choice for your business than an employee.

1. Flexibility
If you have seasonal work, contractors are the perfect fit. You can set their contracts to coincide with
busy periods and end with the season.
2. Hiring For Specialism
Some tasks need specialist skills that are hard to come by. An employee might not be as efficient as a
contractor and in the long-term, cost your business money or ruin your reputation. If you have a
specialist project or task – consider a contractor.
3. Notice Period
Many contractors make themselves available on short notice and can be ready to start work the next
day. If you have an urgent project, you might not have the luxury of waiting for a new employee to
work the end of their current contract, which could be four weeks or more.
4. Insurance
In many cases, contractors take care of their insurance themselves, so you don’t need worker’s
insurance to cover them, though you should check that they are insured. And you will still need to
have public liability insurance in most circumstances.
5. Adjust Quickly
Contractors are used to working for a variety of businesses and so become familiar with the culture
and job requirements quickly. For employees, the time to maximum efficiency can be as long as 18
months. Companies can lose money when training a new employee and in getting them up to scratch.
6. It Is Easier To Get Rid Of A Poor Contractor
If a contractor doesn’t work out, it is easier to terminate the contract than with an employee. With
employees, you need to have a just reason, and if you don’t, you could find yourself taken to court for
unfair dismissal. A contractor will likely have a shorter notice period to end their contract and a reason
is often not required.
Do you hire contractors as opposed to employees? What advantages have you found?
Let us know in the comments below.